Welcome to the information pages of the note application / website on ictbram.be


This simple application for taking notes is made in html, javascript and css by Bram Joris.
The app is just a big textfield with a few helpful features for editing and saving text. That's all.
Because it's made in html5, it works on windows / osx / linux / android / firefox os / ios / ...
You don't need to install anything or need an account, you just need a webbrowser to use it.


I do most of my work on a windows machine and used to open notepad a lot for taking a quick note or for copy pasting text in it, with the purpose of losing the lay-out code in the copied text.
Notepad is just to limited.
No tabbing over multiple lines, only one ctrl-z, no duplicate line. Since I can do a bit of webdevelopment I thought of creating a simple webpage with just a textfield and add a few things like those.
There are numerous webapplications available for editing text, but those often require, having an account on "their cloud". This application does not require an account. It does not use server-side scripts for saving documents. You can download the content to your hard disk or use your webbrowser's localstorage. Download isn't even the right term, because everything is client-side with javascript. It stays on your device. In your own cloud with other words.

If you want to take a note on whatever machine you are on, if it has a browser that supports html5, the only thing you need to remember is the url ictbram.be/note